Baby Kweku with his foster mum Pat, father Reg, his sister Sharon and their neighbours.

Kweku’s foster dad Reg, holding the crow’s nest for use on the hop farm where the family used to live and work.

Ester, AKA Aunty Lady, Kweku’s birth mother.

Kweku preparing for a dance performance in Ghana.

S1E2: The Brown Englishman

Kweku Aacht

Kweku grew up as a black Ghanaian boy in a white English family. But when a letter appeared from Ghana, everything changed. How do you make sense of who you are when you have two families, one who made you, and the other that raised you?

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Kweku Aacht works with performers from the University of Ghana in his debut project for his new company Awotwi Movement. Filmed at Ebien Studios in Accra by film maker Oskhari and animator Berimah Osei Boateng.

To get in touch with Kweku about his music and dance projects, email him at


Editorial support from Becky Aston, Chaela Herridge-Meyer and Mattia Indi Gerin.
Episode art by Jacqi Lee.
Music includes "Mendo Mulcher" by the Polyrhythmics from, “Kumasi Groove” by Kevin MacLeod (, and “Rhodesia” by Twin Musicom both licensed under Creative Commons.