Naima being taught by her Yaaba (grandmother) to spin thread from cotton in Burkina Faso.


Naima and her parents right after her little brother’s birth in the UK.

Naima and her little brother Abi, on her mum’s motorbike outside their old house in Burkina Faso.

S1E1: Back to the Motherland

Naima Sakande

Home is a complicated concept—especially if you have a few of them. In this episode, Naima returns to Burkina Faso, the country where she was born, to find things have changed. What does it feel like to not fit, in a place that you should call home?


Editorial support from Becky Aston, Ifeanyi Awachie, and Chaela Herridge Meyer.
Episode art by Martha Snow and Jacqi Lee.
Music includes "Mendo Mulcher" by the Polyrhythmics from